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Sunday there are likely to be fireworks, but not because of the first election in Iraq being a success, but because of mass violence as a result of the elections in IraqAccording to a new New York Times article (NY Times article) Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has declared an all out war on democracy. Oh, I forget to mention that the main focus of this article is the fact that a candidate was killed and put on a videotape. Oh, yeah and there was a marine killed too and some Iraqi's( but an Iraqi life is worth like 1/10 of a american life, don't get me started on a what a soldier's life seems to be worth). It looks like the only people voting are going to be the people in the United States and other non-middle eastern countries.

I urge you to watch this piece by frontline(Al Qaeda's New Front, Frontline program it's online and it's free). The show talks about how Al Qaeda is basically getting stronger in some senses and that we still don't understand them. Just as intent as Bush is to bring Democracy to everyone, certain Islamic elements are hellbent on doing the opposite. But we will forge through like some unwanted venereal disease, spreading an unwanted infection of freedom.

That's all I can find right now, I did read an article yesterday about the election progress. Some of the big problems being that no one knows who most of the candidate are because they are scared to show their faces. Thugs are going around distributing leaflets about election day violence ( and we thought electioneering was bad here). Oh, and I forget the the ballots are really confusing because there are like 500 different people running for office. UN and other election monitoring bodies are going to have problems doing their job because of security and also the fact that most of the election sites are held secret. Oh, well Georgie boys still thinks things are going well. Sunday is coming soon.

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